Nolte Küchen is the second largest kitchen brand in Germany.

The company was established in 1959 and has developed as a successful family business.

Today the Nolte Group comprises six manufacturers.

Along with kitchens and Express Kitchens, the Nolte Group produces bedrooms, living rooms, wood panels, and glass partition walls.

Nolte also has a range of ready-assembled furniture.

Nolte Küchen factory is located in a small town of Löhne, Nordrhein-Westfalen region.

There is all necessary infrastructure, and more than 1000 Nolte employees live and work in Löhne.

Nolte Küchen also conducts training of young specialists and supports the Forestry Academy in Melle.

Nolte kitchen furniture and all necessary equipment are manufactured at Nolte factory, basic assembly is also performed there.

Then an almost assembled kitchen is delivered to the customer’s address where final assembly takes place, which is actually just installation of the ready furniture set.

So everything about Nolte speaks Made in Germany.

Nolte kitchens are customised, that allows to take into account all individual preferences and wishes of our clients.

It is important to consider all details and features when planning a future kitchen.

Therefore, your German kitchen starts with a project in the kitchen design studio in St. Petersburg.

You can order customised kitchens from Germany in Nolte Küchen Design Studio.

This solution allows to design a kitchen with absolutely any layout which will perfectly suit your unique space and needs.

Nolte Küchen offers a broad range of fronts to meet the diverse preferences of our clients.

The German kitchen brand is a right choice that guarantees the finest quality of the furniture set.

If you would like a real high-quality German kitchen, Nolte Küchen is exactly what you need.