Nolte Küchen is one of the oldest German kitchen manufacturers. We focus on preserving the best traditions of kitchen manufacturing while implementing innovative technologies for maximum comfort, efficiency, and the finest quality.

The so-called German kitchens include all kitchens that are produced by German manufacturers.

However, all kitchen brands differ from each other as manufacturers use different technologies, materials of different quality, and focus on different design solutions. That is why each German manufacturer as well as each German kitchen is unique.

Focusing on up-to-date design and performance, Nolte kitchens embody all latest developments in furniture production.

The cost of Nolte kitchens is determined on the basis of individual project parameters, selected items and equipment. An estimated minimum project budget is 250 – 300 thousand rubles.

Nolte Küchen means German kitchens of the highest quality.

Models that reflect up-to-date design trends are our priority.

At the same time we offer a number of classic design models with a wide choice of colours.

We have a wide price range, all Nolte kitchens are divided into 8 price categories with a separate category of relatively more affordable kitchen furniture.